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Aalborg, Region Nordjylland, DK (7 m NHN)


Aalborg, Region Nordjylland, DK (7 m NHN)





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1 km
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14 m

DK-9000 Aalborg


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Aalborghus Castle
Budolfi Church in Aalborg
Aalborg, Jens Bangs Stenhus
Old City Hall at Gammeltorv in Aalborg

Aalborg is the largest city in North Jutland, Denmark. Its population, as of 2016, is 134,672, making it the fourth largest city in Denmark.


Aalborg is the capital and largest city in the region of North Jutland. A university town and a regional centre for education. It has a long history as an industrial and port town with an international airport that also serves Copenhagen.

Aalborg is an old town with many preserved buildings and important prehistoric relics, but also thriving cultural life with several institutions of national importance. The Tourist Information of Aalborg has its headquarters in Nordkraft, a culture centre at the harbourfront.


  • Aalborghus Castle (Aalborghus Slot), Slotspladsen 1. A half-timbered castle built by King Christian III in 1539 - 1555 initially as a fortification. Soon it became the seat of the king's provincial governors in Northern Jutland, and then started to be used by the State County for taxes. All that remains today of the original castle is the east wing, the rest was constructed centuries later. There is no public access to the buildings but the courtyard is open for everybody free of charge. Besides, it's possible to visit the castle’s dungeon (1 May - 31 October Mon-Fri 8:00-15:00) and underground casemates (daily 8:00 - 21:00). Aalborghus on Wikipedia 
  • Aalborg Tower (Aalborgtårnet), Søndre Skovvej 12, +45 98 77 05 11. 11:00 - 17:00. 54.9 metre tall observation tower built of lattice steel in 1933. The tower is built on a hill, providing a total height of 105 metres above sea level. The tower has a restaurant on the top. Adult 40 kr, children (3-11 years) 30 kr. Aalborgtårnet on Wikipedia 
  • Aalborg Townhall, Gammel Torv 2. Built in 1759 and served as city hall until 1912. Now is only used for wedding ceremonies and representative purposes.. Old City Hall (Aalborg) on Wikipedia (updated Nov 2017)
  • Budolfi Church. The Lutheran cathedral in Aalborg. Budolfi Church on Wikipedia 
  • Jens Bangs Stenhus, Østerågade 9. Beautiful renaissance house, built in 1624 by the merchant Jens Bang. Jens Bang's House on Wikipedia 
  • Jørgen Olufsens House, Østerågade 25. Well-preserved renaissance house from 1616 by the merchant Jørgen Olufsen. Jørgen Olufsen's House on Wikipedia 
  • Royal Taxhouse, Strandvejen 1. Built in 1902 representing national romantic architecture. In 2005, it was brought back to its original style. Next to the house is a musical fountain, during summer at 12:00, 15:00, 18:00 and 21:00 Händel's Water Music accompanise the splashing water.
  • KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, Kong Christians Allé 50, +45 99 82 41 00. Tue-Sun 10-17, Wed 10-21. Adult 95 kr, student 50 kr, children up to 18 years free.. KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg on Wikipedia (updated Nov 2017)
  • Gråbrødrekloster Museum, Algade 19, +45 9931 7400. Tue - Sat 10:00 - 16:00. Underground museum 3 m below Algade street. It depicts the history of the Franciscan monastery as well as the market place, the unknown churches and the city houses. 40 per lift load (max. 250 kg), Admission by self-service via the lift tower by the department store "Salling", Algade. Gråbrødrekloster Museum on Wikipedia (updated Nov 2017)
  • Historical Museum, Algade 48, +45 9931 7400. Tue - Sat 10:00 – 17:00. Exhibition is rather small and of limited value. Adults 40 kr, students 30 kr, children free. Aalborg Historical Museum on Wikipedia (updated Nov 2017)
Aalborg habourfront

The harbourfront has been renewed and is now centre for culture and education. The entire area offers an inspiring city walk in itself.

  • Utzon Centre, Slotspladsen 4, +45 7690 5000. Tu-Su 10:00-17:00. A cultural centre exhibiting art, architecture and design. Focuses on Jørgen Utzon's own work and other work somehow related to him. Also has a restaurant. Adult 80 kr, students 40 kr, children under 18 years free. Utzon Center on Wikipedia (updated Nov 2017)
  • Elbjørn, Strandvejen 6B. Icebreaker now working as a restaurant and culture ship at the Aalborg harbour. It has a restaurant, a bar, glass workshop, and a museum.

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DK-79370 Hals


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DK-9460 Brovst


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DK-7700 Thi Thisted


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DK-7760 Hurup Thy


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