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Schloss Vallø


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Schloss Vallø

Slotsgade 4

DK-4600 Køge


55.402639 12.211111


Vallø Castle
Vallø Castle
Vallø Stift
Vallø Stift
The old castle street near the castle ʺVallø Slotʺ
The old castle street near the castle ʺVallø Slotʺ

Vallø Castle (Danish: Vallø Slot) is a manor house located 7 km south of Køge Wikipedia Icon, in Stevns Municipality, on the island of Zealand in Denmark. It now serves as a residence for unmarried, widowed and divorced women of noble decent.

Vallø consists of four wings with robust towers and is surrounded by a moat. The south wing, with its robust corner towers, and the south end of the west wing were built from 1580 to 1586 by Mette Rosenkrantz, one of the richest women in Denmark of her day. In Christen Skeel's time of ownership, from 1638 to 1659, the castle was expanded to three storeys and the west wing extended. The north wing was built by Johan Cornelius Krieger in 1721.

A three-winged building designed by Lauritz de Thurah was built in the courtyard from 1735 to 1738. The surviving central wing expanded with an extra storey by Georg David Anthon in 1765.

The castle was devastated by fire in 1893 but restored largely to its old design by Hans Jørgen Holm between 1893 and 1904.

The park was turned into a Romantic landscape garden in 1830 but retains elements from the former French gardens from the 1720s. I large flower park was founded in 1960 but it has later been disbanded.

Next to castle and its park there is a cluster of historic houses arranged around a street known as Vallø Castle Street (da. Vallø Slotsgade). Vallø Castle Inn received a royal privilege in 1784. The estate also owns a variety of other houses spread out across the surrounding countryside.

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