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FR-06500 Menton



43.775804 7.503877


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Menton, old twon
Menton, old twon
Menton, rue du Vieux-Château
Menton, rue du Vieux-Château
Menton, le Bastion
Menton, le Bastion

Menton is "The Lemon Festival Capital of the World", located very close to the border of France and Italy and in many ways is more Italian than French. It has its own microclimate, generally milder than the rest of the French Riviera, and became in the late Nineteenth Century a place where Northern Europeans with TB came to either regain their health or to die. As a result its cemetery is filled with the graves of notable Englishmen, Germans, Russians. The old town is largely pedestrianised which adds to the charm of this sedate resort.


  • Jean Cocteau Museum Although it was previously in a bastion near the port, the new museum is a purpose built building designed by the Italian Architect Rudi Ricotti and houses an incredible modern interactive display of drawings, ceramics, tapestries, film memorabilia, and a large mosaic by the artist. The bastion has more pictures and entrance to this is included in the museum ticket.
  • Salle des Marriages In the town hall, the civic wedding hall is decorated completely in murals by Jean Cocteau.
  • The charming old town is compact and largely pedestrianised.
  • Basilique Saint-Michel. The former cathedral Saint-Michel is today the parish church of the city. In front of the Baroque religious building from 1675 there is a mosaic with the coat of arms of the Grimaldis.
  • Immediately adjacent to the cathedral is the Église de la Conception, aka Chapel of white penitents, built in 1685.
  • The 18th-century Capuchin Monastery L'Annonciade overlooks Menton.
  • Several impressive gardens dotted through the town including those at Garavan (Olive trees in Parc du Pian, Jardin Exotique, Villa Fontana Rosa).
  • Palais Carnolès, Museum of fine arts and open air sculpture garden.
  • Casino and the magnificent hotels Royal Westminster and Ambassadeurs.
  • Cimetière du Vieux Chateau Russian Orthodox chapel, grave of William Webb Ellis - founder of Rugby football, view over town.
  • Fête du Citron There's a lemon party and you're invited! Lemon-related festivities over several days in February. See the official website of the festival here: Fête du Citron


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