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AT-4082 Aschach an der Donau


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48.366242 14.024926


267 m


Pfarrkirche in Aschach an der Donau
Pfarrkirche in Aschach an der Donau
Aschach, ehem. Benefiziatenhaus, sog. Sindlhuberhaus
Aschach, ehem. Benefiziatenhaus, sog. Sindlhuberhaus
Südseite des Schlosses Aschach
Südseite des Schlosses Aschach

Aschach an der Donau is a municipality in the district Eferding in  Upper Austria.


  • Aschach has a historic center with town houses dating from the Middle Ages, with beautiful facades and courtyards from the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance.
  • Parish Church with the Danube Cross: around 1490 follows the Late-Gothic succeeding building of an originally in 1371 first mentioned church on records. The high altar is crowned by the healing powers of the revered Danube cross. It was brought ashore in 1693 by two sailors in a flood. The sickly restorer of the cross was healed during his work. 1784, Aschach was separated by a government decree of Emperor Joseph II from the mother-church Hartkirchen and elevated to an independent parish. 1976, the church was renovated and expanded, designed by Clemens Holzmeister.
  • Old Town Hall
  • Schloss Aschach: The manor house is the former seat of the Counts of Harrach. The main wing of the manor house from the 16th Century has arcades in the courtyard on all three floors. The east wing was built in 1709 by Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt, as well as the altar in the chapel. The castle is privately owned.
  • Donaukraftwerk Aschach Wikipedia Icon: The hydro power plant was built 1959-1964 and was once Europe's largest hydro power plant.
  • Schopper and Fishery museum. The museum presents the history of the Market Aschach in connection with the shipbuilding - and shipping tradition on the Upper Danube. The Schopper museum presents the historic craft of shipbuilding and also the social and cultural environment of these craftsmen's guilds. In addition, the last original Zehner Trauner is displayed. The Fisheries Museum shows the development of commercial and recreational fishery in Upper Austria with special reference to the upper Danube.

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