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Old town


Name and address


DK-5700 Svendborg


Geodetic coordinates

55.060256 10.607421


15 m



+45 ∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎



Anne Hvideʹs Yard with the town museum
Anne Hvideʹs Yard with the town museum
Downtown Svendborg
Downtown Svendborg
The Svendborg Sound bridge in backlight
The Svendborg Sound bridge in backlight
Old tall ships in Svenborg harbour
Old tall ships in Svenborg harbour

Svendborg (Danish pronunciation: [ˈsfɛnbɒːˀ]) is a town on the island ofFunen Wikipedia Icon in south-central Denmark, and the seat of Svendborg Municipality. With a population of 26,672 (1 January 2014), Svendborg is Funen's second largest city. In 2000 Svendborg was declared "Town of the year" in Denmark, and in 2003 it celebrated its 750th anniversary as a market town Wikipedia Icon. By road, Svendborg is located 195 kilometres (121 mi) southwest of Copenhagen Wikipedia Icon, 44.2 kilometres (27.5 mi) south of Odense Wikipedia Icon, and 28.5 kilometres (17.7 mi) south-southeast of Faaborg Wikipedia Icon.

Svendborg is home to the “Naturama” museum, which holds a wide variety of stuffed animals from birds to bears. The largest container ship Wikipedia Icon company in the world, A.P. Møller-Mærsk Wikipedia Icon has its origins in Svendborg, in the "Villa Anna".

Vor Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady) located on a hill north of the market square was established in the 13th century but was enlarged in the late Middle Ages with a Gothic chancel, transepts and tower. A spire was added in 1768. The oldest section is the red-brick, Romanesque nave. Today the church reflects the comprehensive restoration work undertaken by Ove Petersen in 1884. The altar, pulpit and other artefacts date from the 17th century.

Anne Hvide's House Wikipedia Icon (Anne Hvides Gård), a two-storey, half-timbered building, is one of Svendborg's oldest houses. Anne Hvide, a widow of noble descent, had it built in 1560. It was used as an inn from 1837 to 1867. After being restored, it became the town museum in 1916. It still belongs to Svenborg Museum who use it for exhibitions on the history of Svendborg during the summer months.

Naturama, established in April 2005, is a natural history museum enhanced by means of various technological support features including light and sound, film, and expedition scenarios. It has a large collection of stuffed animals and birds in natural surroundings. A recent addition has been an exhibition depicting the world of spiders.

Svendborg contains a branch of the Odense University Hospital Wikipedia Icon, Odense Universitetshospital - Svendborg Sygehus. It also contains the Svendborg Museum.

Attractions close to Svendborg include Egeskov Wikipedia Icon, the best preserved Renaissance water castle in Europe,Valdemar's Castle Wikipedia Icon on the nearby island of Tåsinge Wikipedia Icon, and Hesselagergård Wikipedia Icon, a historic manor to the north of Svendborg.

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Monday - Friday
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