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Haapsalu Altstadt

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Old town


Name and address

Haapsalu Altstadt

EE-90502 Haapsalu


Geodetic coordinates

58.939360 23.541240


4 m


Haapsalu (German and Swedish: Hapsal; Finnish: Haapasalo) is a seaside resort town located on the west coast of Estonia. It's the administrative centre of Lääne County and has a population of 11,618 (as of 1 January 2010).

Haapsalu has been well known for centuries for its warm seawater, curative mud and peaceful atmosphere. Narrow streets with early 20th century wooden houses repeatedly lead to the sea. Haapsalu has been called the "Venice of the Baltics", although this positioning has been criticized as exaggerating. The name "Haapsalu" is from Estonian haab 'aspen' and salu 'grove.

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