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Panometer Dresden

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Panometer Dresden

Gasanstaltstraße 13

DE-01237 Dresden

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51.025556 13.788333



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Panometer in Dresden-Reick
Panometer in Dresden-Reick

The Dresden Panometer is an attraction in Dresden Wikipedia Icon, Germany. It is a panoramic painting inside a former gasometer, showing Dresden as it might have appeared in 1756, accompanied by an exhibition. The Panometer was created in 2006 by the Austrian-born artist Yadegar Asisi, who coined the name as a portmanteau of "panorama" and "gasometer". In 2003 he had opened a Panometer in Leipzig.

The panorama, titled Dresden 1756, hangs on the inner wall and is 27 metres (89 ft) in height and 105 metres (344 ft) in circumference. It is viewed from a raised platform in the centre, and uses perspective to create a realistic sense of distance. It portrays the baroque Dresden skyline of 1756 – for the most part historically accurate, but with some artistic modifications – as seen from the Katholische Hofkirche Wikipedia Icon. There is a musical soundtrack by the Belgian composer Eric Babak.

The circular walkway between the panorama and the outer wall contains an exhibition on the creation of the painting and the old Dresden skyline. It features historic city maps and original drawings from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as paintings of the skyline by Asisi himself. There is also a large bell from the Neustädter Rathaus and exterior decorations from now-demolished buildings.

Asisi's research in creating the panorama was based on several vedute: precise, historic drawings of the city skyline. The most important veduta painter in mid-18th century Dresden was Bernardo Bellotto (nephew of Canaletto, and sometimes actually known by that name), whose pictures can be precisely dated.

The Dresden Panometer received over 500,000 visitors in its first two years from December 2006. Asisi plans to display the current panorama until 2016.

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