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Type of sights

Old town


Name and address


DE-37281 Wanfried

Geodetic coordinates

51.181231 10.171193


Wanfried, Rathaus
Wanfried, Rathaus
Wanfried, Schlagd
Wanfried, Schlagd
Wanfried, Kalkhof
Wanfried, Kalkhof
Wanfried, Harmesʹsches Haus
Wanfried, Harmesʹsches Haus

Wanfried is a town in the Werra-Meißner-Kreis in northeasternmost Hesse. It is classified as a Landstadt, a designation given in Germany to a municipality that is officially a town (Stadt), but whose population is below 5,000. It literally means “country town".

Culture and sightseeing


  • Wanfried local museum at the Keudellsches Schloss
  • Documentation centre for German postwar history
  • Village museum in the outlying centre of Heldra


  • Schlagd, old harbour on the Werra with timber-frame warehouses
  • Keudellsches Schloss
  • Wanfried Landgrave’s palace
  • Historic Town Hall, built in the 17th century
  • Harm'sches Haus from the time of river shipping
  • Hotel "Zum Schwan", lavishly restored timber-frame house from 1690
  • Old Post, former Thurn-und-Taxis postal house, built in 1751
  • Aue lordly seat from 1576 and ruins of the Aue moated castle
  • Ruins of an old fief house (in Völkershausen, Schlierbachswald)
  • Hostel "Im Kleegarten" in Heldra, lavishly restored estate aus from the 17th century that has already won a number of prizes for monument protection

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