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Cycle Route Tallinn - Pärnu

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Pärnu, EE (8 m NHN)

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Kesklinna linnaosa, EE (7 m NHN)


The bike route from Pärnu to Tallinn offers an opportunity to evade the heavy traffic of the Tallinn-Pärnu highway.

Note: The description is opposite to the direction of the cycle route on the map above and the accommodation, sights and infrastructure on the left.

First we travel alongside the picturesque Pärnu River and visit Tori Põrgu (Tori Hell). Between Jõesuu and Vihtra we treadle on small gravel roads. From Vändra to Türi the bike route cuts into forests along a big road.

After passing Paide, the centre point of mainland Estonia, we come to a place prominent in Estonian literary history – the lands of Tammsaare in Albu Parish.

From Jäneda, the journey continues on a bigger road. We traverse the extensive forests of Aegviidu. Nature enthusiasts may divert to the neighbouring scenic forest floors, lonely forest lakes and moory landscapes. Take warning, it is not easy to find one’s way there without a good map.

From the crossroads of Koogi there are 34 km left to Tallinn. The route takes you to the waterfalls of Jägala, the karst district of Kostivere and other places of interest but the bike ride is strained by the tense traffic conditions of Tallinn’s vicinity.

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0 km
0,3 km
8 m

EE-80011 Pärnu


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Pärnu, centrum
Pärnu, centrum
Pärnu, city hall
Pärnu, city hall
Pärnu, Rüütli street
Pärnu, Rüütli street
Pärnu, Tallinn Gate
Pärnu, Tallinn Gate

Pärnu is a resort seaside city (and Estonia's summer capital) with a small harbour in south-western Estonia.


The city is known for its spas, shallow white sandy beach and beautiful parks. It is also a popular place for conferences, theatre performances and concerts. In 1838 the first spa was opened and nowadays Pärnu is a health resort of international stature.

During the Great Northern War, the University of Tartu was relocated to Pärnu from 1699-1710. Tartu University still has a branch campus there today.

Since 1996 Pärnu has been known as Estonia's Summer Capital. Beach life, dozens of festivals, night clubs, big party crowds, concerts and funfairs - Pärnu has it all.


  • The old town with buildings even from Medieval times.  
  • Beautiful wooden villas.  
  • The beach park and promenade.  
  • Art galleries. Lydia Koidula and Modern Art Museum and City gallery 
  • Pärnu Town Hall, Nikolai tn 3. The Town Hall is located in a house built in 1797 by the merchant P.R. Harder. In 1804, the Russian czar Alexander I stayed in this house during his visit to Pärnu. A new art nouveau building with neo-baroque details was completed in 1911 to the north side of the town hall. 
  • Church of Jekaterina, Vee tn 8. Completed in 1768, the Church of Jekaterina is the most style pure and ample baroque church in Estonia. The church has influenced the development of orthodox church architecture in whole Balticum. To this day Pärnu Russian congregation operates in the church. 
  • Seegi Maja (the Almshouse), Hospidali tn 1. Seegi Maja (the Almshouse) is known to be the oldest building in Pärnu. It was built in 1658 on the remains of the old almshouse of the Holy Spirit's Church as a shelter to the sick and the cripples.Based on research on the wooden raft under the basement of the building, the old almshouse dates back to 1250-1350. The building was restored to look the way it did in the 17th century. It houses the St. Peterburg Hotel and the restaurant Seegi Maja.
  • Eliisabet's Church, Nikolai tn 22. Eliisabet's Church, inaugurated in 1750, is the most outstanding sacral building of the Baroque period in Estonia. One of the best organs in Estonia is in Eliisabet's Church and the place is popular as a concert hall among music lovers. 
  • Pärnu Museum, Pärnu Museum´s permanent exhibition provides an overview of 11,000 years of history in Pärnu County through exciting exhibits and displays that introduce the life and conditions of the various eras. Opening hours Tue - Sun 10:00 - 18:00, Mon closed. June-August: 10:00-18.30. Adults 4 €, family 10 €. +372 443 3231

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0 km
1,3 km
15 m


EE-80021 Pärnu




0 km
0,1 km
12 m


EE-80114 Pärnu




1 km
0,7 km
16 m


EE-80012 Pärnu


Boardinghouse / guest house


1 km
0,8 km
12 m


EE-80012 Pärnu


Hotel without restaurant (garni)





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