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Cycle Route Vitré - Crozon

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Vitré, Brittany, FR (81 m NHN)

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Crozon, Brittany, FR (44 m NHN)

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0 km
1,1 km
93 m


Office de tourisme du Pays de Vitré
FR-35500 Vitré


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0 km
1,2 km
99 m

FR-35500 Vitré


Old town

View on the east side of Vitré castle
View on the east side of Vitré castle
Façade ouest de lʹéglise Notre-Dame de Vitré
Façade ouest de lʹéglise Notre-Dame de Vitré
La rue dʹEmbas, Vitré
La rue dʹEmbas, Vitré
La rue dʹEmbas, Vitré
La rue dʹEmbas, Vitré

Vitré (Breton: Gwitreg) is a commune in the Ille-et-Vilaine department in Brittany in northwestern France.

It lies on the edge of Brittany, near Normandy, Maine, and Anjou. The town has been designated a ville d'art et d'histoire, a town of artistic and historic significance, by the Ministry of Culture in recognition of its rich cultural inheritance. Vitré is the 37th French city with the most historic buildings.


The heritage of the town of Vitré is a tremendous wealth. This is one of the cities of Brittany that has best preserved its original appearance with its houses with porch or timber-framed (the third city after of Rennes and Vannes in Brittany), its ramparts, its religious heritage, old streets, etc. Vitré is a perfect example of a town of 500 years ago.

  • Château de Vitré Wikipedia Icon (11th-20th century)
  • Remparts, Claviers' Tower, Bridole's Tower
  • Rochers-Sévigné Castle
  • Château-Marie (17th century)
  • Hôtel Ringues de la Troussanais (Renaissance)
  • Medieval streets (Beaudrairie, Poterie, d'Embas, etc.) and places (Marchix, Station, Château, Notre-Dame, etc.)
Religious heritage
  • Saint-Nicolas Chapel (near Castle of Vitré)
  • Notre-Dame Church (14th century) gothic
  • Tower of the ancient Saint-Martin's Church (15th century)
  • Saint-Martin Church (19th century)
  • Sainte-Croix Church (17th-19th century)
  • Protestant Church
  • Convent of Bénédictins (Tribunal)
  • Convent of Augustins (17th century)
  • Chapels, calvaries situated in the city and countryside
Other sights
  • Menhir "La Pierre Blanche" (Beauvais Road to Pocé-les-Bois)
  • Hôtel Sévigné-Nétumières (18th Century)
  • The Station (19th century)
  • Old barracks of 70e régiment d'infanterie
  • The Grand Park

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71 km
0,9 km
24 m


FR-35230 Saint-Erblon




73 km
3,1 km
39 m

FR-35230 Orgères


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83 km
2,2 km
39 m


FR-35170 Bruz


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Mo 13:30-18:00, Tu-Su 09:00-12:30, 13:30-18:00, Sa 09:00-12:30





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