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Elevation profile Cycle Route IsarcoSterzing Old TownKloster NeustiftKloster SäbenBozen Old Town200400600800100012001400020406080100120

Added on 11 Feb 2012,

on 25 Sep 2022

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Brenner - Brennero, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, IT (1369 m NHN)

End location

Bolzano - Bozen, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, IT (239 m NHN)

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15 km
0,1 km
1.078 m


IT-39049 Brenner


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15 km
0,0 km
1.085 m


IT-39041 Gossensaß




21 km
0,0 km
953 m


IT-39049 Sterzing


Tourist information


21 km
0,0 km
945 m

IT-39049 Sterzing


Old town

The Zwölferturm in Sterzing
The Zwölferturm in Sterzing
Sterzing, sculpture at the Neustadt
Sterzing, sculpture at the Neustadt
Sterzing, view to a street: die Neustadt
Sterzing, view to a street: die Neustadt
Sterzing, Pfarrkirche ʺUnsere liebe Frau im Moosʺ
Sterzing, Pfarrkirche ʺUnsere liebe Frau im Moosʺ

Sterzing (Italian: Vipiteno) is a comune in South Tyrol in northern Italy. It is the main village of the southern Wipptal, and the Eisack River flows through the medieval town.

Main sights

Religious architecture
Parish "Our Lady of Marsh"

The Parish is the biggest church between Verona and Munich, was built from 1417 to 1451. The gothic altar, wood-work by Hans Multscher of Ulm, is 12 meter high and was completed in 1458. The church was later enlarged from 1497 to 1525 by Hans Lutz. In 1753 was than modified in baroque style, with paintings by Adam Mőlckh and the gothic altar removed; at present time the altar is showed at the Multscher Museum.

Holy Spirit Church

Holy Spirit is the oldest gothic church in town. Built in 1399, in the same main building of the old Hospital, is located in Town Square; the nave is painted in fresco by Giovanni of Bruneck (1402).

Civil architecture

The Zwölferturm is a 46 m. high tower erected in 1470, it is the symbol of the city that divides the New Town from Old Town. A fire in 1867 destroyed the original spire, which was replaced with the existing embattled roof.

Town Hall

Built in 1468 - 1472 in late gothic style while, the angular "Erker" was added in 1526. In the patio take place a roman stone altar, dedicated to Lord Mithras and a milestone of the Imperator Septimius Severus; the same period the military road was completed in 200 A.D.

New Town (Neustadt)

Is the main street in the old city centre with buildings erected, after the 1417 fire, between the 14th and 15th centuries when the town was prosperous with the trade and the silver mines in the nearby Ridnaun Valley and Pflersch Valley.

Military architecture
Reifenstein Castle

Outside the city is the Reifenstein Castle Wikipedia Icon, one of the best preserved medieval castles in the province.

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22 km
1,9 km
947 m


IT-39049 Ratschings


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