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Cycle Route Hanzeroute

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Added on 24 Oct 2011,

on 25 Nov 2020

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Berg en Dal, Gelderland, NL (14 m NHN)

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Kampen, Overijssel, NL (1 m NHN)

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17 km
3,9 km
12 m

NL-6811 DC Arnhem


Heritage building(s)

Arnhem, Eusebiuskerk
Arnhem, Koepelkerk
Arnhem, Korenmarkt
Arnhem, St. Walburgius-basiliek

Arnhem (/ˈɑːnəm/ or /ˈɑːnhɛm/, Dutch: [ˈɑrnɛm]  or [ˈɑrnhɛm], South Guelderish: Èrnem), is a city and municipality, situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands. It is the capital of the province of Gelderland. Arnhem had a population of 151,356 in 2014. 

Places of interest

  • The Groote Kerk (St. Eusebius), built 1452–1560, lost most of its tower during World War II, of which a part has been reconstructed to a modern design and opened in 1964. Officially the tower is not part of the church and is owned by the municipality.
  • The house of Maarten van Rossum, a general serving Duke Charles van Gelre, has been the town hall since 1830: The satyrs in its Renaissance ornamentation earned it the name Duivelshuis ("devil's house").
  • Burgers' Zoo is one of the biggest and most-visited zoos in the Netherlands, featuring an underwater walkthrough, desert, mangrove, rainforest, etc.
  • The Gelredome, the home field of Vitesse, the city's Eredivisie team in football, is a unique facility that features a retractable roof and a slide-out grass pitch. 
  • The KEMA Toren (formerly known as SEP Control Tower) is the highest structure of the town. It is a 140-m-high TV tower.

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17 km
4,4 km
16 m


NL-6811 Arnhem




20 km
0,4 km
8 m


NL-6921 Duiven




35 km
0,0 km
20 m

NL-6981AS Doesburg


Heritage building(s)

Doesburg, Waag

Doesburg is one of the seven Hanseatic cities along the river IJssel. It is located in the Dutch province of Gelderland.


Doesburg received its city rights in 1237. Its location by the merging point of the Oude IJssel and IJssel rivers made it a strategical city. Doesburg used to be the economic capital of the Doesburg Quarter, a sub-region of the Zutphen Quarter. The Martinichurch is one of the remains of the former wealth. The silting of the Oude IJssel in the fifteenth century, which blocked the access to the cities along the Oude IJssel, limited Doesburg its wealth due to a lack of trade.

Nowadays the city still has many old buildings. The banks of the city are being modernised, but the city centre is still mostly intact.


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35 km
0,1 km
7 m


NL-6981CP Doesburg


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