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Added on 24 Oct 2011,

on 17 May 2017

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Dongeradeel, Friesland, NL (0 m NHN)

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Kampen, Overijssel, NL (-2 m NHN)

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28 km
0,2 km
251 m


NL-8911 Leeuwarden




28 km
0,3 km
3 m


NL-8911 AZ Leeuwarden


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166 km
0,5 km
-10 m

NL-8261BZ Kampen


Heritage building(s)

Kampen, with Bovenkerk and Koornmarktspoort
Kampen, Cellebroederspoort
Kampen, De Nieuwe Toren
Kampen, Oudestraat

Kampen is a Hanzestad located at the far end of the river IJssel, in the far north west of the Dutch province of Overijssel.


Kampen has a large number of old and very old buildings, amongst which are the remains of the old city wall (Koornmarktspoort, Cellebroederspoort and Broederspoort), as well as the Bovenkerk or, as it is more commonly known, the Sint-Nicolaaskerk. The outlines of the city wall is still easily visible in the fortifications and street lay-out.

  • The Kroonmarktspoort by the river IJssel is a city gate dating back to 1465. It has been rebuilt in Renaissance-style in 1615.
  • The Broederpoort is another city gate dating back to the 1460s, also being rebuilt around 1615. The gate has four small towers on its corners.
  • The Cellebroederspoort is another city gate with two big circular towers, dating back to 1565. It too was rebuilt to fit the Renaissance-style in 1617.
  • The former city hall dates back to the fifteenth century. In the schepenzaal you will find a sandstone chimney (1540s) and wood cuttings.
  • The Nieuwe Toren (New Tower) equipped with carillon, built between 1648 and 1664 is an amazing sight, designed by Philips Vingboons.
  • The Sint Nikolaaschurch is a large basilica dating back to the fourteenth and fifteenth century. Part of the interior are a choir screen (1552), a stone pulpit (ca. 1500) and a monumental organ (1670s).
  • The Broederkerk is a fourteenth century hall church that formerly belonged to a Franciscan monastery.
  • The Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk (or Buitenkerk) is another hall church that was created due to rebuilding of a fourteenth century church.
  • The Kamper Tabaksmuseum (Tobacco Museum) has the largest cigar of Europe, at a stunning length of five meters.
  • The tobacco factory De Olifant still produces cigars with nineteenth century machines. Tours of the factory are available.
  • Throughout the city centre of Kampen you will find tens of painted wall adverts. These refer to many shops in Kampen, of which most no longer exist. These colourful murals have Jugendstil influences. The murals are referred to as the frescoes of the middle class.

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