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Cycle Tour Croatia 2.5 Weeks Tour

Travel report: form Zagreb over the mountains to the islands and back with the train



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Elevation profile Cycle Tour Croatia 2.5 Weeks Tour

Added on 08 Jun 2017,

on 18 Aug 2017

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Start location

Zagreb, HR (120 m NHN)

End location

Rijeka, HR (7 m NHN)


84 km

Zagreb to Belavići (Karlovac)

78 km

Belavići (Karlovac) to Plitvice Lakes National Park

28 km

Grabovac to Vrelo Koreničko and Visit »Plitvice Lakes National Park«

106 km

Vrelo Koreničko to Donji Karin

84 km

Donji Karin to Žaborić (Šibenik)

66 km

Žaborić (Šibenik) to Pakoštane

45 km

Pakoštane to Zader and with Ferry to Mali Lošinj

56 km

Mali Lošinj to Cres

42 km

Cres to Njivice (Krk)

37 km

Njivice (Krk) to Rijeka and with the Train back to Zagreb

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0 km
1,0 km
120 m

HR-10000 Zagreb


rented bike

1 km
1,3 km
113 m


HR-10000 Zagreb




141 km
0,0 km
248 m


HR-47240 Slunj


Tourist information


354 km
1,1 km
174 m

HR-22221 Gradina


Well worth seeing landscape

National park Krka
National park Krka, Visovac Island
Krka river - Skradinski buk waterfalls

Krka National Park (Croatian: Nacionalni park Krka) is one of the Croatian national parks, named after the river Krka that it encloses. It is located along the middle-lower course of the Krka River in central Dalmatia, in Šibenik-Knin county, downstream Miljevci area, and just a few kilometers northeast of the city of Šibenik. It was formed to protect the Krka River and is intended primarily for scientific, cultural, educational, recreational, and tourism activities. It is the seventh national park in Croatia and was proclaimed a national park in 1985.

When you are at the Krka National Park there are several places of interest. The attractions and facilities available are various footpaths, sightseeing tours and presentations, boat trips, souvenir shops, a museum, and restaurants. There are also several archeological remains of unpreserved fortresses in the park's vicinity dating back to as far as the Roman times. They are Čučevo, Nečven, Bogočin, Ključica and Burnum.

Skradinski buk

Skradinski buk is one of the most attractive parts of the park. It is a massive, clear, natural pool with high waterfalls at one end and cascades at the other, located in the Krka National Park in Croatia. It is the lowest of the three sets of waterfalls formed along the Krka river. In an area 400 m in length and 100 m in width there are 17 waterfalls and the total difference in height between the first and the last falls is 47.7 m. Due to the wealth and variety of geomorphological forms, vegetation, and the various effects caused by the play of light on the whirlpools, Skradinski buk is considered to be one of the most beautiful calcium carbonate waterfalls in Europe.

The rate of flow is 43 m3 a second in winter, 18 m3 in summer, with an average of 55 cubic metres a second flowing down Skradinski buk annually. It is the largest travertine cascade system in Europe.

Roški Slap

Roški Slap, located near Miljevci, is the second most popular attraction of the Krka National Park in terms of numbers of visitors. These cascades can be visited throughout the year. The most attractive way to reach Roški Slap is to take one of the excursion boats operated by the Krka National Park, although the falls can also be reached with a public road.


Inside the park is the island of Visovac which was founded during the reign of Louis I of Hungary, home to the Roman Catholic Visovac Monastery founded by the Franciscans in 1445 near Miljevci village. The park also includes the Eastern Orthodox Monastery Krka founded in 1345. The island can be visited by a boat tour from Skradinski buk.

The Krka monastery is a spiritual center of the Orthodox Dalmatian Eparchy (Diocese), which has its see in Šibenik. It was first mentioned in written documents in the year 1402 as the pious endowment of Jelena Šubić, the sister of Emperor Dušan. The monastery was built and rebuilt until the late 18th century.

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Hours of opening

From 8:00 am to 8:00 pm


366 km
0,1 km
27 m

HR-22000 Šibeniku


Church/cathedral/World heritage site

Cathedral of St. James, Šibenik
Cathedral of St. Jacob in Šibenik
Cathedral of St. Jacob in Šibenik, interior

The Cathedral of St. James (Croatian: Katedrala sv. Jakova) in Šibenik, Croatia is a triple-nave basilica with three apses and a dome (32 m high inside) in the city of Šibenik, Croatia. It is the church of the Catholic Church in Croatia, and the see of the Šibenik diocese. It is also the most important architectural monument of the Renaissance in the entire country. Since 2000, the Cathedral has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Wikipedia contributors, 'Šibenik Cathedral', Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 30 May 2014, 09:14 UTC, <> [accessed 11 September 2014]

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