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Cycle Tour Bike holiday along the upper Rhine 2015

Dag 15: Transport Wiesbaden-Odense

Added on 29 Jul 2015

on 22 Dec 2015

ridden on

26 Jul 2015


Cloudy, but quite calm and dry.


Only a very short cycle tour into Wiesbaden's main station on bike lanes along major city roads. At the end of the day a few kilometres from the station in Niebüll out to a bed and breakfast in the countryside on minor, deserted roads in the dark.


The day began with wathcing the episode of the TV-garden, which rehearsal we hat attended in Mainz the day before. For a Danish TV lover that a show like that is popular in German, but it certainly is. And they were absolutely proud of it at ZDF. Shortly after it was time to say goodbye to Mariane and Volker and cycle the short trip to the Wiesbaden railway station and catch a commuter train to Mainz, where we boarded the intercity train to Hamburg. They were compelled to launch an extra train, as the normal one was cancelled. That meant that no reservations were in force and everybody had to fight for seats and for ud places for our bikes. In addition to this shit they announced the bicycle carriage in the opposite end of the train it actually turned out to be. So we rushed along the platform, but were lucky to ensure two normal bicycle places. In Hamburg we had to make a quick shift, but we didn't go any longer than Niebüll, a few kilometres south of the Danisch border, as the train to Bramming was cancelled without replacement. And it was already late. A taxi driver helped us into contact with a B&B outside the town. That was where we went for sleeping in order to bike across the border to Toender the next day and take the first of three trains to Odense. We arrived there at 1.30 pm, half an hour after I was set to start my work. Phew, that wasn't the best ending of a very agreeable and extremely hot bike holiday.

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