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Cycle Tour From the Atlantic to the Upper Rhine

Travel report: Von Saint-Nazaire nach Speyer



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Elevation profile Cycle Tour From the Atlantic to the Upper RhineNantesAncenisChâteau de SerrantChâteau dʹAngersSaumur Old TownChâteau de MontsoreauChâteau deChinonChâteau dʹUsséChâteaudʹAzay-le-RideauChâteau deLangeaisChâteau de VillandryToursChâteau de ChanteloupChâteau de ChenonceauChâteau deChaumont-sur-LoireChâteau deBeauregardBloisChâteau de ChambordBeaugencyChâteau deMeung-sur-LoireOrléansChâteauneuf-sur-LoireAbbaye deSaint-Benoî...Château de Sully-sur-LoireChâteau de GienLa Charité-sur-LoireNeversDecizeBourbon-LancyParay-le-MonialChâteau de CraryAbbaye de ClunyCommunauté deTaizéChâteau deSercyBuxyGivryChalon-sur-SaôneDoleBesançonBaume-les-DamesMulhouse AltstadtHartmannswillerRouffachEguisheimRiquewihrBergheimDambach-la-VilleObernaiMolsheimBrumathHaguenauAbbaye Sainte-WalburgeWissembourgKandelFestung GermersheimSpeyer Altstadt010020030040050060005010015020025030035040045050055060065070075080085090095010001050110011501200125013001350140014501500155016001650

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Start location

Saint-Nazaire, Pays de la Loire, FR (6 m NHN)

End location

Speyer, Rheinland-Pfalz, DE (110 m NHN)


Loire-Radweg bei La Cruaudais

83 km

St. Nazaire - Nantes

Loire-Radweg zwischen Ancenis und Le Marillais

81 km

Nantes - Chalonnes-sur-Loire

Angers von Südwesten

89 km

Chalonnes-sur-Loire - Saumur

Château de Brézé

44 km

Cadre Noir, Château de Brézé

Fontevraud, LʹAbbaye

86 km

Saumur - Langeais

Château de Villandry

63 km

Langeais - Amboise

Château de Chenonceau

64 km

Amboise - Blois

Château de Chambord

81 km

Blois - Orléans

Orléans, Kathedrale

104 km

Orléans - Briare

Loire-Radweg bei Bonny-sur-Loire

107 km

Briare - Nevers

Canal latéral a la Loire bei Imphy

94 km

Nevers - Bourbon-Lancy

Canal Central bei Les Combes

98 km

Bourbon-Lancy - Brandon

Cluny, ehem. Kloster

55 km

Brandon - Buxy

Rinderherde an der Saône

71 km

Buxy - Seurre

Radweg am Rhône-Rhein-Kanal

106 km

Seurre - Besançon

Radweg bei Deluz

99 km

Besançon - Montbéliard

Mulhouse, Place de la Réunion mit Rathaus

58 km

Montbéliard - Mulhouse

Basel, Münster

80 km

Mulhouse - Basel - Mulhouse


104 km

Mulhouse - Kintzheim

Weinberge im Elsass

100 km

Kintzheim - Haguenau

Radweg im Tal der Sauer

83 km

Haguenau - Leimersheim

Speyer, Maximilianstraße mit Altpörtel

43 km

Leimersheim - Speyer

Beds4Cyclists, worth visiting and infrastructure

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0 km
0,1 km
23 m

FR-44600 Saint-Nazaire


Bus stop


Bus number 317 between the station of Saint-Nazaire and Saint-Brevin.

It is possible to attach up to eight bikes to the back of the bus, and the trip takes a quarter of an hour.

Reservation recommended at least the day before +33 240 215087

The 3.3-kilometer long Saint-Nazaire bridge can be used with bicycles. However, there is no safe bike lane on the bridge and cyclists need to use a narrow side strip which has been divided in hindsight by markers from the lanes of motorized traffic.


Cross the Loire by taxi. Since 2015 Saint Nazaire taxi drivers have offered a new service, “20 minutes for 20€”. This is a fixed price and it’s good for 4 people and 4 bikes. The service also operates in both directions, and reservations are also required. But with the taxi service, transport is available within 20 minutes after your reservation request. The phone for taxis from Saint-Nazaire is +33 240 660262 and from Saint-Brevin +33 240 272307.

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0 km
1,6 km
13 m


FR-44600 Saint-Nazaire


Boardinghouse / guest house


0 km
2,2 km
7 m


FR-44600 Saint-Nazaire




0 km
3,5 km
12 m


FR-44600 Saint-Nazaire




1 km
0,7 km
7 m


FR-44613 Saint-Nazaire


Tourist information

The team will be happy to provide all information to help you prepare your stay. Events, accomodation, restaurants… and also brochures, maps and documents about the tourist offer in Saint-Nazaire and the surrounding area.

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