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Ferry Tårs-Spodsbjerg

Other infrastructure

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Type of infrastructure

Ferry/ferry pier


Name and address

Ferry Tårs-Spodsbjerg


DK-5900 Spodsbjerg


Geodetic coordinates

54.899000 10.930800



+45 ∎∎ ∎∎∎∎∎∎



Sailing time is about 45 minutes.

Information about copyright

Rights characteristic / license

by-sa: CREATIVE COMMONS Attribution-ShareAlike

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Hours of opening:

May till August:
Monday to Friday: 05:15 till 22:15 each hour
Saturday: 06:15 till 21:15 each hour
Sunday: 07:15 till 22:15 each hour

In the other month less sailings before 7:15 and after 19:15.

Timetable at

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