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Bicycle transport ceased on the TGV from Strasbourg to Paris

Date: 02 Mar 2018

The French railway SNCF has obviously ceased the transport of undisplaced bicycles on the main feeder route from Germany. In this year's timetable, there is no longer a TGV on the Strasbourg - Paris or Paris - Strasbourg connection, which allows for the transport of an undisplaced bicycle. Instead, from the end of May on some days of the week, there is an IC in the timetable, but it operates at unfavorable times. And TER trains to master the route is like an odyssey.

France expands the national cycle network with considerable financial resources and the French railway stops the service that has enabled cyclists to travel to and from with the TGV from Germany.

The link below allows you to participate in an online petition to the President of SNCF.

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