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SandAchse Cycle Route



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Elevation profile SandAchse Cycle Route

Added on 30 Apr 2012,

on 10 Nov 2019

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Hallstadt, Bayern, DE (244 m NHN)

End location

Weißenburg i. Bay., Bayern, DE (422 m NHN)




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0 km
0,3 km
234 m


DE-96103 Hallstadt




0 km
4,6 km
245 m


DE-96149 Breitengüßbach




3 km
2,4 km
268 m

DE-96117 Memmelsdorf



Memmelsdorf, Schloss Seehof
Schloss Seehof mit den Kaskaden
Schloss Seehof, Orangerie
Schloss Seehof, Orangerie

Schloss Seehof is a Schloss (palace) in Memmelsdorf, Bamberg, Germany. It was built from 1684 to 1695 as a summer residence and hunting lodge for Marquard Sebastian von Schenk von Stauffenberg, Prince-bishop of Bamberg.

The palace is located in a large park and stands on a square plan much like Schloss Johannisburg at Aschaffenburg. The four corner pavilions are topped by squat octagonal towers with prominent slate roof hoods featuring pierced ball ornaments. The facades are heavily segmented by large windows (with triangular gables on the ground floor and arches on the upper floor). Each row of windows is supported by a cornice. The inner court features two small clock towers and an arcade that surrounds it on the ground floor on all four sides.

The interior mostly dates from the 1730s. Balthasar Neumann and J.J.M. Küchel were involved in the designs. The palace chapel on the ground floor contains a Rococo altar that was made out of stucco.

The palace is partially open to the public. Most of the building is occupied by the Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege. A total of nine representative period rooms are open to the public. The chapel is available for weddings and some of the palace rooms can be rented for private events.

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Wikipedia contributors, 'Schloss Seehof', Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 29 June 2017, 14:49 UTC, <> [accessed 29 April 2018]

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29 Apr 2018

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Hours of opening

29. März-Oktober: 9-18 Uhr
Montags geschlossen
November-28. März: geschlossen


3 km
2,9 km
258 m


DE-96117 Memmelsdorf




7 km
0,5 km
239 m


DE-96052 Bamberg


Hotel without restaurant (garni)





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