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Cycle Route Vélodyssée



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Added on 15 Aug 2012,

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Roscoff, Brittany, FR (8 m NHN)

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Urrugne, New Aquitaine, FR (4 m NHN)




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1 km
0,2 km
10 m

FR-29680 Roscoff


Ferry pier

Ferry from Roscoff to Plymouth

Daytime sailings take about 6 hours. There are up to two sailings per day.

For details see timetable.

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1 km
1,3 km
6 m

FR-29680 Roscoff


Heritage building(s)

Église Notre-Dame de Croaz Batz, Roscoff
Ossuaire Louis XIII de lʹéglise Notre-Dame de Croaz Batz à Roscoff
Maison érigée à Roscoff
Hôtel Renaissance à Roscoff

Roscoff (Breton: Rosko) is a commune in the Finistère département of Brittany in northwestern France.

Roscoff is renowned for its picturesque architecture, labeled « Petite cité de caractère de Bretagne (small town of character) » since 2009. Roscoff is also a traditional departure point for Onion Johnnies.

After lobbying by local economic leaders headed by Alexis Gourvennec, the French Government agreed in 1968 to provide a deep water port at Roscoff. Existing ferry operators were reluctant to take on the relatively long Plymouth/Roscoff crossing, so Gourvennec and colleagues founded Brittany Ferries. Since the early 1970s, Roscoff has been developed as a ferry port for the transport of Breton agricultural produce, and for car-based tourism. Brittany Ferries and Irish Ferries link Roscoff with both Ireland and the United Kingdom.


  • Roscoff parish church Our Lady of Croaz Batz (Notre Dame de Croaz Batz): Renaissance and Gothic church from the 16th century
  • The house known as "that of Mary, Queen of Scots"
  • The Station Biologique de Roscoff, a research laboratory in oceanography and marine biology.
  • The Jardin Exotique de Roscoff

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1 km
0,7 km
4 m


FR-29680 Roscoff


Tourist information

Hours of opening

From September to June
From monday to saturday: 9:15 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 18:00
On the 8th and 29th of May: 10:00 - 12:30

In July and August
From monday to Saturday: 9:15 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 19:00
On sunday and holydays: 10:00 - 12:30 and 14:30 - 17:30


1 km
1,1 km
3 m


FR-29680 Roscoff


Hotel without restaurant (garni)


1 km
1,3 km
6 m


FR-29680 Roscoff







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