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Cycle Route Steyrtalweg

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Elevation profile Cycle Route SteyrtalwegSteyr250350450550650020406080100120

Added on 18 Jan 2012,

on 30 Oct 2023

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Sankt Pankraz, OÖ, AT (511 m NHN)

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Steyr, OÖ, AT (292 m NHN)

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50 km
0,4 km
316 m

AT-4402 Steyr


Old town

View from Mount Tabor to the old town of Steyr
View from Mount Tabor to the old town of Steyr
Steyr, main square (Stadtplatz)
Steyr, main square (Stadtplatz)
Steyr, parish church
Steyr, parish church
Steyr, Ennskai and Lamberg Castle
Steyr, Ennskai and Lamberg Castle

Steyr is a town in Upper Austria, located at the confluence of the rivers Steyr and Enns.


Steyr has a beautiful, historical city centre. On the main square there are many old buildings from different epochs, for example the Bummerlhaus, the town's landmark. It is one of Austria's best preserved secular Gothic buildings - a part of the building dates back to the 13th century.

  • Parish Church (pfarrkirche)
  • St. Mary Church
  • St. Michaels Baroque Church
  • Pilgrimage Church of Christkindl (5 km from Steyr)
Castles and monuments
  • Castle Lamberg: Lamberg Castle first appeared in historical documents as "Stirapurhc" in 980. The precious sandstone figures can be admired in the castle´s inner courtyard. The old Lamberg Castle Library can also be visited with a guide.
  • Castle Voglsang
  • Werndl memorial: As the economic conditions in Steyr at the close of the 19th century were suffering, the establishment of the Austrian Rifle Factory, by Josef Werndl (1831 - 1889) was a vital and important addition to the region's financial situation.
  • Bruckner memorial
  • Town Hall: Building of the Rococo era, erected by Gotthard Hayberger, mayor and judge of Steyr, from 1765 to 1778. The balustrade depicts four Baroque female figures representing the then authorities of town: Justitia (sword and scales), criminal law (iron chain and ball fastened to the ankles), church patronage (incense bowl) and Roman law (holding the code of law).
  • Bummerlhaus
  • Sternhaus: It derives its name from the golden Star installed above the main entrance. The star is held by two birds of prey and represents the thriving iron industry. The angelic figures above the windows depict the five senses of man.
  • Meditzhouse and Meditzcourtyard: The House boasts a lavishly decorated Baroque façade and one of Steyr´s most magnificent inner courtyards in Renaissance style.
  • Museum Arbeitswelt: Wehrgrabengasse 1. Interesting exhibition: "" - Work and Life in a Globalized World. +43 7252 77351
  • City museum Steyr: Grünmarkt 26, in the Innerberger Stadl (built in 1611). Exhibition with folkloristic collections, scythe hammer, nail forge, the Petermandl knife collection, the Steinparz bird collection and arms produced by the founder of the Steyr Works, Josef Werndl, recall the heyday of the former iron city of Steyr.
  • Iron clocks museum Schmollgruber: Grünmarkt 2. The oldest exhibits are church clocks (end of the 14th century), iron clocks from the baroque period, church clocks produced by Steyr church clock makers (beginning of the 20th century) as well as a water-driven church clock.

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51 km
0,1 km
292 m


AT-4400 Steyr




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