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Cycle Route The Castle Route



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Added on 25 Oct 2023,

on 25 Oct 2023

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Odense C, 83, DK (17 m NHN)

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Odense C, 83, DK (17 m NHN)

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0 km
0,4 km
18 m


DK-5000 Odense




0 km
0,2 km
22 m


DK-5000 Odense




65 km
0,1 km
5 m


DK-5400 Bogense


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98 km
2,5 km
10 m

DK-7000 Fredericia


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Fredericia, The Princeʹs Gate, from inside the city
Fredericia, The Princeʹs Gate, from inside the city

Fredericia (IPA: ['fʀɛðɐ̥ɪɕa]) is a medium-sized fortress town, founded in 1650 by Frederick III (after whom it was named) in the Fredericia municipality, eastern Jutland, Denmark.

Fredericia was almost selected as the Danish capital, due to its central location and large port, but in the end, Copenhagen retained the title due to its larger population.


  • Landsoldaten, At the main entrance to the city. The Foot Soldier is a statue of a proud Danish soldier which commemorates the battle of 1849. It is said to be the oldest monument in the world celebrating the unknown soldier. It is at the main entrance to the city & serves as the main starting point for any visit. 
  • Det Hvide Vandtårn (The White Water-Tower.), Located on top of the Frederecia's city walls.(Close to the 'Landsoldatpladsen'.), +45 72 113511. 11:00-18:00. Det Hvide Vandtårn sits on top of Fredericia's city walls which makes it the ideal place to get views over the Ramparts, The Little Belt Bridge & the entire city. kr 10.
  • The City Walls, Surrounding the city centre. For a gorgeous 1-hour stroll you can set out on a walk around Fredericia's walls. The route is littered with historical statues, old cannons and information desks offering details on the various gates, ramparts and buildings. Start at the Kongens Port (King's Gate). 
  • Gunpowder Tower, Øster Voldgade. Opposite the Citadel is the powder tower on the Lolland Bastion. This is the oldest military building in Fredericia, built in 1675. It is a very small building on the coast overlooking the sea. 
  • Nordstjernen, Kongensgade 25, +45 75 911900. Summer, weekdays: 10:00-17:00. The oldest house in Fredericia. Offers visitors beautiful flower arrangements and a small art gallery. 

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99 km
2,4 km
8 m


DK-7000 Fredericia


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