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Ohře Cycle Route

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Added on 15 Nov 2014,

on 02 Dec 2020

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Egerteich, Bayern, DE (479 m NHN)

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Litoměřice, Northwest, CZ (151 m NHN)




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0 km
4,4 km
486 m


DE-95652 Waldsassen




0 km
3,9 km
477 m

DE-95652 Waldsassen


Heritage building(s)

Basilika von Waldsassen
Basilika von Waldsassen
Waldsassener Klosterbibliothek
Waldsassener Klosterbibliothek
Kloster Waldsassen, Innenraum der Stiftsbasilika
Kloster Waldsassen, Innenraum der Stiftsbasilika

Waldsassen is a town in the district of Tirschenreuth Wikipedia Icon in the Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria.

The Cistercian Waldsassen Abbey was founded on 1 October 1133 by the Bavarian noble Margrave Diepold III of Vohburg. An Imperial abbey from 1214 onwards, it fell to Palatinate-Mosbach-Neumarkt branch of the House of Wittelsbach under the rule of Count Palatine Otto II in 1465.

The Palatinate rulers had the monastery dissolved in the course of the Protestant Reformation in 1571, whereafter the premises were used as tenements. Not until the 17th century new building arose in the vicinity, while after the Counter-Reformation, the abbey from 1661 onwards was resettled with Cistercian monks descending from Fürstenfeld Abbey. However, Waldsassen again was secularised during the 1803 German Mediatisation.

Part of the Kingdom of Bavaria from 1806, the local economy, mainly porcelain and glassblowing industries, was boosted by the opening of the Wiesau–Cheb railway line in 1865. Prince Regent Luitpold vested Waldsassen with city rights in 1896. The monastery again became a priory of Cistercian nuns in 1863 and again achieved the status of an independent abbey in 1925. The monastery church received the papal title of basilica minor in 1969.

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0 km
3,9 km
477 m


DE-95652 Waldsassen


Tourist information

Hours of opening

23. März 2015 bis 30. Oktober 2015:

Montag bis Freitag               von 9  bis 17 Uhr
Samstag/Sonntag/Feiertage von 10 bis 12 Uhr

31. Oktober 2015 bis März 2016:
Montag bis Freitag                von 9   bis 13 Uhr 

Allerheiligen, Heiligabend, 1. und 2. Weihnachtsfeiertag sowie Silvester, Neujahr und Dreikönig geschlossen.


9 km
0,3 km
457 m


CZ-350 01 Cheb




9 km
0,4 km


CZ-350 02 Cheb


Tourist information

Hours of opening

Monday till Friday from 9.00 till 17.00 o´clock.
Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 till 12.30 o´clock.

Languages spoken:

čeština ▪ Deutsch





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