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Cycle Tour Iron Curtain Tour, part 3 Gdynia-Aš

Dag/day 23: Walkenried-Hohengandern



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Elevation profile Cycle Tour Iron Curtain Tour, part 3 Gdynia-Aš150250350450020406080100120

Added on 14 Jun 2023

on 31 Jul 2023

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by Ottocolor on 15 Jun 2023

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Start location

Walkenried, NI, DE (278 m NHN)

End location

Hohengandern, TH, DE (215 m NHN)

ridden on

31 May 2023


Sunny and hot, on the climbs definetely TOO hot. A few hazy clouds. Easterly winds, so a tailwind today.

Temperature curve on 31 May 2023 10°15°20°25°12:0013:0014:0015:0016:0017:0018:0020.2° - 25°

Slope Gradient Distribution


I had to shoren today's stage due to the many climbs and a flat tyre, so I made it to my stagegoal only the day after on the planned restday.

Travel report

To æsler og to heste, græssende sammen fredeligt og harmonisk
To æsler og to heste, græssende sammen fredeligt og harmonisk
Dagens veje var ofte små asfaltveje uden trafik, der førte igennem det grønne landskab
Dagens veje var ofte små asfaltveje uden trafik, der førte igennem det grønne landskab
Fra udendørsudstillingen på Teistungens grænsemuseum
Fra udendørsudstillingen på Teistungens grænsemuseum

The next day the Harz was behind me and I cycled into Eichsfeld. But this district was only a little easier, because the roads still went up and down all day, mostly on nice little paths and roads through nature, but progress did indeed demand some work today. In addition, I had planned a long section on the hated patrol road with perforated concrete slabs, which I categorically opted out. It cost a rather long detour, which again involved steep climbs on only slightly better roads. Progress was slow.

After a dangerous road crossing, I reached the border museum at Teistungen, but drove past. There were, however, quite a few outdoor boards dealing with the border facilities, which I endulged in. And then I  waffled with some other cyclists, so time passed and there were still 50 km to the finish in Wahlhausen. I gradually realized, not least when a particularly steep uphill had to be climbed, that the rest day the following day would be turned into a short stage, meaning that I found an emergency accommodation along the way. This was made totally sure, when my front wheel was suddenly flat. And the air pump was missing! It must have rattled out of the frame somewhere, probably in the Harz on a bad path. A kind woman working in her garden was my rescue. In addition, my rubber glue had dried completely. But she could also helped with that through her husband, who was a cycling enthusiast, and who came rolling on his recumbent bike soon after. That was very lucky indeed.

So when I reached Arenshausen, about 20 km before my planned finish line, I looked around for a night's accommodation using Google Maps and "eye ball mark one". But there was no contact and the town seemed completely dead. A couple just arrived home  in their car and stated that the neighboring town of Hohengandern had an inn, which might be open. But again everything looked closed there. Well, I sat down next to some winos at a petrol station and drank some pop. I didn't dare drink beer if I had to bite the sour apple and cycle all the way to Wahlhausen. With the hills that were waiting here that would have been unwise. I attracted their attention and one asked if I needed a bed to sleep. And rang a guy in a pension, who was willing to accept me. Kai was a tenant himself, so the €50 he pocketed in cash were not settled anywhere. And Kai was a super nice fellow. He even provided me with free cakes for my handlebar bag.

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