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Freizeitwelt Güster

cyclist-friendly accommodation

Added on 17 Jan 2014,

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Type of accommodation

cyclist-friendly accommodation


Name and address

Freizeitwelt Güster

Am Prüßsee 34

DE-21514 Güster


Geodetic coordinates

53.527765 10.689538


18 m



+49 ∎∎∎∎ ∎∎∎



Cyclist-friendly conditions

Accommodation for one night only is available

Lockable room for overnight bicycle parking (free) is available

Parking at a solidly built bicycle stand which is firmly anchored and is located next to the tent space (in sight distance) - availability is unknown

Basic bicycle repair tools for simple repairs - availability is unknown

Information about location, opening times and telephone numbers of the nearest bicycle repair shops for major repairs - availability is unknown

Possibility of drying clothes and equipment - availability is unknown

Description of overnight bicycle parking:



service is offered

service is not offered

unknown whether service is offered or not

Added on 17 Jan 2014,

last edited by »Freizeitwelt Güster« on 17 Feb 2018