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Well worth seeing landscape


Name and address


NO-1706 Sarpsborg


Geodetic coordinates

59.277075 11.131511


25 m



Sarp Falls (Norwegian: Sarpefossen or Sarpsfossen) is a waterfall at Sarpsborg Wikipedia Icon in Østfold, Norway.

This is the last waterfall on the Glomma Wikipedia Icon River, which is the longest river in Norway. Sarp Falls has one of the greatest flow of any waterfall in Europe. Both Rhine Falls and Dettifoss are larger and more powerful waterfalls in Europe but, while those waterfalls have between 200 and 500 m3/s (7,100 and 17,700 cu ft/s) of average water flow, Sarp Falls has approximately 577 m3/s (20,400 cu ft/s). Just above Sarp Falls is a road bridge with a view point. There are also view points on the east side of the falls.

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