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Cycle Tour Spring tour to Western Jutland

Travel report: Vejle-Horsens-Brande-Lemvig



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Added on 05 May 2013,

on 31 May 2013

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by Ottocolor on 05 May 2013

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Vejle, Region Syddanmark, DK (5 m NHN)

End location

Thyborøn, Region Midtjylland, DK (2 m NHN)


Planned bike ride 21-23rd May 2013.
Tuesday 21.5. Bike ride from Vejle st. along route 53 to Horsens and continue on Route 32 to Brande and Arnborg camping. Overnight in tent on Arnborg Camping.
Wednesday 22.5. Bike along route 32 to Lemvig. Overnight in tent on Lemvig Strand Camping.
Thursday d 23.5. Bicycle Lemvig-Thyborøn onto Route 32 and 1

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05 May 2013

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The tour goes out of Vejle on route 53, which follows Vejle Fjord coast past Tirsbæk and then swings north into the country with a proper sick hill to follow. Bjerre township crossed and by Bjerrelide / Purhøj reached the trip 'peak' and then plummets down towards Boller and Horsens Fjord. Soon reached Horsens, where Route 53 ends at the station and Route 32 begins. First follow Bygholm lake south bank, then it goes along small roads towards Tinnet scrub, where both Gudenåen and Skjern å, Jyllands two longest rivers originate. Thus, the Jutland watershed reached. Skjern å followed in his race against fires through Roerbaek lake and Kulsø. In Fires passed Remisen, now activity similar to Brandt's clothing factory in Odense. There is also the opportunity to see the brightly painted gables in the center. A specialty here. Skjern å caught again, and soon the target of the stage reached by the beautifully located small campsite at Arnborg. There is not much service and operation, so purchases must be made in advance, faithfully in Brande/Fires.

On Wednesday, follow route 32 all the way in a northwesterly direction towards Lemvig. The big cities Herning and Holstebro not affected at all, as the route goes western bypass them. The route goes over Trehøje, which is a significant hill party at Wild Mountain. This is still part of the Jutland Alhede. After Bur comes the largest plantation Klosterhede where the route follows the old main road between Lemvig and Holstebro, which nowadays is a sandy track. Klosterhede is somewhat famous for its beavers, who are allowed to build dams and live like beavers now even do. But you have shown grim up early and wait a long time before one can be lucky enough to see such a cousin. So better the last stretch along the main road towards Lemvig. It will be quite a change with all the people in the city, which is known from the comic strip Life Once in Lidenlund. After a brief look at the city and arguably dinner we head along Lem Vig out at the campsite where the tent goes up. After which there faithfully waiting a little trip back to town.

Thursday begins with route 32 follow to the end where it hits the national route 1, Vestkystruten. Yep, now Jutland and the North Sea reached. To experience the cycled the last few kilometers out of Thyborøn ad Harboøre keyboard. On the trip passed Cheminova or what the company is now called today. With a strong negative association that comes of its name, it has faithfully gotten a new one. Just as Grindstedværket and Kemira in Fredericia. For it is surely not been closed as Proms in Viemose on Sealand? Well, Thyborøn is there anyway windswept at the tip of the pliers. Here lies the fishing port and fishermen's homes in the safe contrary wind. There is a ferry to Agger spit on the north side of the fjord, but it missed or saved for the train to Odense, which is reached after three shifts around 6 pm.

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118 km

Vejle - Arnborg

70 km

Arnborg - Lemvig

11 km


Beds4Cyclists, worth visiting and infrastructure

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0 km
0,3 km
9 m


DK-7100 Vejle


Hotel without restaurant (garni)


94 km
0,1 km
42 m


DK-7330 Brande


Youth hostel


108 km
0,0 km
21 m


Arnborg Campingplads
DK-7400 Herning




197 km
0,1 km
4 m


DK-7620 Lemvig




201 km
0,0 km
1 m


Lemvig Strand Camping
DK-7620 Lemvig







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