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Guesthouse for Cyclists and Adventurers

cyclist-friendly accommodation

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Type of accommodation

Private/B&B / Camping
cyclist-friendly accommodation


Name and address

Guesthouse for Cyclists and Adventurers

Stojanke Radosavljevic 10

RS-19300 Negotin

Geodetic coordinates

44.228168 22.532345



+381 ∎∎ ∎∎∎ ∎∎


+381 ∎∎ ∎∎ ∎∎∎

Photo of the accommodationBase Camp for Adventurers-Urban Guerrilla has free bikes, garden, a tennis court and BBQ facilities in Negotin. This 2-star guest house offers room service and babysitting service.

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Cyclist-friendly conditions

Accommodation for one night only is not available

Lockable room for overnight bicycle parking (free) is available

Parking at a solidly built bicycle stand which is firmly anchored and is located next to the tent space (in sight distance) is available

Healthy breakfast is available

Basic bicycle repair tools for simple repairs is available

Information about location, opening times and telephone numbers of the nearest cycle shops for major repairs is available

possibility of drying clothes and equipment is available

Description of overnight bicycle parking:

Garage in the yard of the Guesthouse.


service is offered

service is not offered

unknown whether service is offered or not

Added on 22 Mar 2018,

last edited by »bojan19« on 22 Mar 2018