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Klasztor kamedułów

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Klasztor kamedułów

Wigry 11

PL-16-400 Suwałki-Wigry


Geodetic coordinates

54.068918 23.086992


154 m




Kamedułów Monastry
Kamedułów Monastry
Kamedułów Monastry
Kamedułów Monastry
Wigry, Church
Wigry, Church

The former monastery of the Camaldolese Order is located in the village of Wigry. The Camaldolese Hermitage in Wigry belonged to the richest in Europe. It was founded in 1667 by John II Casimir Vasa with the obligation of daily prayer to dismiss all miseries from the country. In 1805, the monastery was dissolved and the monks moved to Bielany near Warsaw. In the monastery in the years 1975-2010 housed the House of Creative Work of the Ministry of Culture and Art. At present, the building has returned to the rule of the church. In the former Hermitage there are guest rooms and apartments that can be rented for a fee. In the monastery you can visit the Apartments and the Papal Chapel, the Crypt in the Church, the Clock Tower, Exhibitions and the reading room of John Paul II , funded after his accommodation in the monastery in 1999. The Late Baroque church with rich interior decoration is still in use and enjoys popularity among newlyweds. There are also concerts of Gregorian chant.

The church crypt contains over forty walled niches with bodies of deceased hermitites. In two glass recesses, which were probably looted by the Germans during the Second World War in search of valuables, the bones blackened from the passage of time. On the wall is a painting depicting the dance of death , an allegory of death inviting a monk to dance.

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