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Fanefjord Church

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Fanefjord Church

Fanefjord Kirkevej 51

DK-4792 Askeby

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54.901306 12.150972


Fanefjord Church,
Fanefjord Church,
Fanefjord Church. Inside the church after restoration.
Fanefjord Church. Inside the church after restoration.
Frescos of the church ʺFanefjord Kirkeʺ
Frescos of the church ʺFanefjord Kirkeʺ

Fanefjord Church, one of the Danish island of Møn Wikipedia Icon's most famous attractions, is located in an open setting overlooking the Baltic Sea inlet of Fanefjord between Store Damme Wikipedia Icon and Hårbølle Wikipedia Icon. Standing majestically on the top of a small hill, the church's red-tiled roof and whitewashed walls can be seen from considerable distances, whatever the direction. The interior is of particular interest in view of the many frescos dating back to the 13th and 16th centuries.

For many generations, Fanefjord's Church frescos were hidden under a covering of plaster. After frescos had been discovered at the end of the 19th century in Møn's Elmelunde Church, those in Fanefjord were painstakingly uncovered from 1932 to 1934 under the guidance of the National Museum Wikipedia Icon. In 2009, major restoration work was completed on the frescos, revealing their original colours and impact.

The earliest frescos, on the triumphal arch, were painted around 1350. They depict the four evangelists, as well asSt ChristopherandSt George.

The most famous frescos are however those dating back to about 1500 which cover large areas of the church's ceiling and upper walls. In the so-called Biblia pauperum Wikipedia Icon style, they present many of the most popular stories

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